Soothed Intimate Dryness

Vulvar dryness is a real scourge.
We lose our natural lubrication. Our vulvas, lips, pubis... suffer and need hydration.

True intimate care, PEACH ME moisturizes the mucous membranes.
The vulva is soothed, vulvar dryness decreases.

Its composition only of vegetable oils and butters, brings a soft and in-depth hydration to the intimate parts. She tugs, is irritated and suffers less. It gradually regains its natural lubrication.

  • PEACH ME baume pour la vulve est 100% naturel, 91.80% bio. Apaise les irritations, secheresses et demangeaisons de la vulve

    100% Natural

    100% Natural, 91.80% Organic
    COSMOS NAT certified

  • PEACH ME, soin intime apaise les irritations de la vulve, les secheresses vulvaires, les brulures intimes. Testé cliniquement.


    Tested under gynecological + dermatological control

  • Peach Me, by PEACHYNESS - 100/100 sur YUKA - irritations vulvaires, secheresses intimes, irritations de la vulve, démangeaisons des levres


    💚 . 100 / 100 + without disruptive ingredients for the flora

  • PEACH ME de PEACHYNESS, baume intime VEGAN. certifié par the Vegan Society. 100% naturel. Adieu irritations de la vulve, secheresses intimes, demangeaisons vulaires


    Certified by The Vegan Society.