Our intimate balm

How to apply PEACH ME?

1. First, you have to start with clean hands!

2. Then take a dab of PEACH ME intimate balm with your index or middle finger

3. Heat the dab of balm between your fingers until you get an oil💧

4. Apply the "oil" to your vulva 🍑, lips, clitoris, pubis...

5. Use the balm as often as you like.

WARNING 🚧: The balm has been designed to soothe the external mucous membranes of sex (clitoris, pubis, lips...). The balm is not a lubricant and should not be inserted into the vagina (the channel in which you can slide: penis, fingers, cup, tampons...).

If you want to know more about the difference between vulva and vagina, we wrote a little article on it ( difference between vulva and vagina ).

Peach Me, intimate balm, does it disturb the intimate PH?

Our balm has been tested under gynecological and dermatological control.

The goal : To ensure that PEACH ME is vulvar friendly and effective.

Our 100% natural composition and exclusively composed of vegetable oils and butters offers a gentle and moisturizing solution to soothe your ailments.

You should know that the balance of our intimate flora and its PH change regularly during our cycle and life. And every vulva is different.

It is therefore important to test the balm on a small area, before applying it to the vulva. This way you are sure that the balm suits you and works for you!

Where is PEACH ME balm made?

It is made in France !

When creating PEACH ME, we wanted our balm to be designed and formulated in France.

We worked with a French laboratory and had our balm tested in France.

All our ingredients unfortunately do not come from France. Some are unique to their regions.

We have therefore ensured, with our lab, that all sourced ingredients respect an Ethical Charter and respect for labor standards, regardless of the country of origin.

Does PEACH ME need to be refrigerated?

No need.

Peach Me lives its best life at room temperature: at home, in your bathroom, your bag, your bedside table or wherever it makes you happy... It's up to you

Just avoid putting it above the bbq or the oven. It is in danger of melting. If so, it has no effect on efficiency.

Simply leave it in a place at room temperature and it will regain its balm texture :)

What is the composition / list of ingredients of Peach Me?

PEACH ME is composed exclusively of 8 butters, vegetable oils and waxes.

Certified 100% natural by Cosmebio ?

Certified Vegan by The Vegan Society ?

100/100 on YUKA

Here is the full list: Coconut Oil (deep moisturizing), Hemp Oil (nourishes and protects. Anti-inflammatory and reduces causes of aging)⁠, Sesame Oil (antioxidant, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory), Candelila Wax (rich in nutrients and prevents moisture loss), Shea Butter (moisturizing, antibacterial, antifungal), Jojoba Oil (moisturizing, hypoallergenic and antibacterial), Sunflower Oil (Natural protective barrier against infections and is healing), Natural Vitamin E ⁠(Helps the immune system and your cells to regenerate).

When creating PEACH ME, we wanted our solution to be designed and formulated in France. We worked with French laboratories and had our balm tested in France. Not all of our ingredients come from France, as some are specific to their regions. We have therefore ensured that all sourced ingredients comply with an Ethics Charter and compliance with labor standards, regardless of the country.

Can the balm be applied elsewhere than on the vulva?


Although created to soothe and hydrate vulvas, PEACH ME can be applied as a "moisturizing cream" for the body.

It has been dermatologically tested to confirm this.

In addition, PEACH ME is composed of vegetable oils which are perfect for moisturizing the skin on all areas of the body.

You can apply it on the legs, between the thighs (to limit friction), on the arms and on ALL the lips (especially when they are chapped).

In short, a multi-purpose balm to have everywhere with you!

Containers and cases - what are they made of?

We wanted to offer containers that were fun while being as healthy as possible for the planet.

We therefore REMOVED the cardboard packaging: We reduce waste, it's good for the planet!

The pot is made of aluminum: It is therefore 100% recyclable, weighs 3 times nothing (60g) and has an ideal size to take it everywhere with you (#travelsize)! And if you find it cute, you can give it a second life (buttons, pins, creams, solid soap...).

Can men use PEACH ME?


It is a perfect product to soothe and moisturize all private parts, regardless of gender.

Penis & vulva friendly!

Does PEACH ME stain my underwear?

Peach me was designed to be moisturizing without being greasy, so it won't stain or add to the usual "bulk" in your underwear ;).

A dab of balm is usually enough to moisturize the vulva. It's up to you to measure, according to your needs, of course.

Twenty people tested the balm for several weeks. 100% answered that the balm did not stain their underwear!

Has PEACH ME been tested on Animals?

No ! PEACH ME has not been tested on animals!

In France (where Peach Me is made) and in Europe, it is strictly forbidden.

We have chosen to create a product that is VEGAN (certified by The Vegan Society ). They validate that no ingredient is:

  • of animal origin,
  • mixed with animal products
  • tested on animals.

Can I use it after waxing or shaving?

Downright !

Peach Me has soothing and moisturizing properties. It is therefore ideal as an aftershave or hair removal balm.

You can apply it on the vulva, legs, armpits...

In short, all the places where you say "bye" to hair!

Can I use Peach Me intimate balm during my period?

No worries!

You can use our balm at any time during your cycle, including during your period.

As the balm is made to be applied to the external parts (vulva, clitoris, labia…), this does not affect your period. On the contrary. Many users apply it particularly during menstruation, to reduce the friction of their menstrual pads or panties and to gain comfort.

I suffer from vaginismus. Can I use Peach Me?


You can use it to perform softening massages with your fingers or with plastic dilators.

However, we want to be transparent about the fact that in the context of a vulvo or the vesti, as it is a question of nerves and muscles, PEACH ME is not enough.

It is important to get closer to your midwife or gynecologist, to know how to apprehend the vulvo or the vesti.

For more information on vaginismus, we advise you to follow:

  • @corpsjetecoute , Lou shares you on Instagram and on his blog full of information to better live your vesti and vulvo and vaginismus. We 1000% recommend her blog!
  • @pain.free.and.intimate , Katrin is a coach, expert in vaginismus, following her own history with vaginismus. She now accompanies women with vesti, vulvo etc... We also interviewed her in our podcast NO PEACH LEFT BEHIND .

How long does an application of Peach Me Intimate Balm last?

All skins and vulvas are different.

Some may only apply Peach Me a few days a week. Others will need it several times a day.

Since Peach Me is non-irritating, you can apply it as often as you like. We advise you to take the test and see what suits you the most :)

Why does the color of the PEACH ME VULVA BALM sometimes change?

Our balm is a 100% natural balm, with no preservatives, artificial colors or fragrances.

This sometimes results in slight color variations from production to production. All ingredients are organically sourced and if any of the ingredients in a batch, e.g. hemp oil, have a stronger color than when a previous batch was produced, this will cause color variation .

As we want our balm to remain 100% natural, we do not alter the color! But tkt no, it has NO impact on the quality or effectiveness of the balm.

Does Peach Me work soothe the intimate discomforts of pregnant women


Peach Me is the ally of pregnant women. Our balm is 100% natural and does not contain any harmful or hormonal substances.

It is ideal for soothing and moisturizing the vulva during dryness and irritation, caused by hormonal change, during the 2nd and 3rd trimester of pregnancy.

And of course to use without moderation postpartum (episio for example)

Can Peach Me be applied to vaginoplasties and transgender vulvae?

Absolutely !

Peach me safely soothes and protects, all skin types and vulvas

Le Bon Lubrifiant (du Bon Mojo)

Le lubrifiant est-il compatible avec sextoys et préservatifs ?

Oui le lubrifiant du Bon Mojo, au même titre qu’un lubrifiant à l’eau, est compatible avec tous les

Puis-je utiliser le lubrifiant si je suis enceinte ?

Il n'y a aucune contre-indication à utiliser notre produit chez la femme enceinte. En cas de doute, demandez l'avis à votre médecin.

Quelle est la durée de conservation du lubrifiant ?

À utiliser dans les 12 mois après ouverture.

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