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Paloma, Female Body Candle

Chic and elegant, Paloma is the ideal candle for a night alone or with a lover! 100% plant-based, handmade in France and vegan, this beautiful body candle is the perfect companion to light up your evening! (Oh, we love it!).

Round woman's body candle. Handmade candle in France, 100% Vegetable, Vegan

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Peach Me, intimate care

PEACH ME, balm for the vulva, offers intimate hydration that soothes:
🌵 irritation of the vulva,
🚨 vulvar drought,
❤️ 🔥 Intimate burns and itching...

Discover the soothing power of PEACH ME.
It moisturizes the vulva thanks to its delicious composition of 8 vegetable oils and butters.

Co-created with +400 people, its discreet coconut scent and creamy texture make you want to take care of yourself.

Its colorful packaging is eco-responsible and infinitely recyclable.

100% Natural. Vegan. Made in France. Tested under Gynecological and Dermatological control.
💚 100% on YUKA.


Peach Me is composed only of vegetable butters and oils:

👉 100% natural, 91.80% organic
👉Certified Vegan by The Vegan Society
🟢 100/100 on YUKA

🥥 Coconut oil (deep moisturizing),
🌾 Hemp oil (nourishes and protects. Anti-inflammatory and reduces the causes of aging)⁠,
🌱⁠ Sesame oil (antioxidant, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory),
🌔 Candelila wax (rich in nutrients and prevents loss of hydration) ,
🍥 Shea Butter (moisturizing, antibacterial, antifungal),
🍀 Jojoba Oil (moisturizing, hypoallergenic and antibacterial),
🌻 Sunflower oil (Natural protective barrier against infections and is healing),
🍃 Natural Vitamin E ⁠ (Helps the immune system and your cells to regenerate).

❌ No hormones, parabens, phthalates, sulfates, endocrine disruptors, alcohol, dyes or synthetic fragrances...

INCI list

Cocos Nucifera Oil*, Sesamum Indicum Seed Oil*, Butyrospermum Parkii Butter*, Candelilla Cera, Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil*, Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil*, Tocopherol, Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil

*Ingredients from organic farming. 100% of the ingredients are of natural origin. 91.80% of the total ingredients come from organic farming.

Clinical test results

Use tests under gynecological supervision carried out by an independent third-party laboratory on 22 women:

🍑 The product protects against potential daily discomfort: 82%

🍑 The product calms redness, itching or burning: 73%

🍑 The product relieves possible irritations: 82%

🍑 The product does not stain clothes: 100%

🍑 The balm helps restore the natural protection of the skin: 82%

🍑 The texture is pleasant: 95%

🍑 The scent is pleasant: 82%

🍑 The product prevents intimate dryness: 73%

🍑 The product reduces the friction of the vulva against the tissues (sub-
clothes) and thus protects the vulva from irritation: 82%

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Paloma, Female Body Candle



Find all our FAQ here

Who is Peach Me for?

To anyone who suffers from intimate irritation, vulvar dryness, irritation, occasional or perpetual burns, during:

Periods🩸, waxing/shaving 🪒, sex 🍑💦, tight clothes 👙, toilet paper 🧻, sports activities 🏄‍♀, pregnancy 🤰, menopause 👵, hormonal changes...

How to apply Peach Me?

1. With clean hands, take a dab of PEACH ME intimate balm.

2. Heat the dab of balm between your fingers until you get an oil.💧

3. Apply "oil" to your vulva 🍑: lips, clitoris, pubis...

4. Use the balm daily or as often as you wish (several times a day even)

Want to know more about the differences between VULVA and VAGINA? We explain it to you 👉 HERE 🍑

How long does 1 jar of Peach Me last?

With daily use, Peach Me lasts approximately 3-4 months.

Of course, it varies according to your use and your consumption ;)

How long does 1 application of the balm last?

All skins and vulvas are different.

Some may only apply Peach Me a few days a week. Others will need it several times a day.

Since Peach Me is non-irritating, you can apply it as often as you like. We advise you to take the test and see what suits you the most :)