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Irritations and intimate dryness? It's the loose!

We know. Me and 33% of vulvas struggle too. 😖

I have long tried to soothe my vulva with ineffective solutions 😅:

😬 Wait for it to pass,

😬 Intimate shower gels that irritate more than anything else,

😬 Vaginal enemas,

😬 The creams whose formula we don't understand and that don't work...

Nothing helped (really)... AND I had ENOUGH!

  • Tired of not understanding the ingredient list.
  • Enough of the products that reminded me that I should be ashamed of my irritations and dryness.
  • Enough of the products that made me feel guilty about my intimate smell.
  • Tired of feeling like I'm the only one it happened to

It's such a taboo subject, I felt quite alone with my vulvar problem.

I was looking for LA solution that would appease me, without making me ashamed!

Peachyness was born...

... and its famous intimate balm, Peach Me. WE CO-CREATED IT AT 400!

Our specifications are you
who drew it up, via an online questionnaire .

Thanks to your feedback, the PEACH ME intimate moisturizing balm was born!

A balm that aims to be the most inclusive in terms of price, composition (100% vegetable/vegan) and design with you.

If you like the idea, help us choose our next products