#03 - "I have endometriosis" (Christine)

#03 - Christine, Paris, 33 ans

What's your relationship to your vulva ? 
I have endometriosis.
In my mid-20s, my peach became extremely sensitive to everything... Fancy panties and scented anything were out of the question. What a pain!!

Understanding your body and how it works is so important to figure out what works for you.
I am very aware of anything that comes into contact with it. The key is to ensure she does not get irritated, which also helps to avoid pH imbalances and UTIs.

On a side note, describing my vulva as a peach is so nice! I also like calling it a flower. Venus flytrap makes me laugh. It makes me feel more at ease with my vulva. A cute and caring nickname.

What do you think we need to feel more confortable with our peaches? 
I think education and an open forum to discuss our bodies, especially at a young age, is so important. It took me YEARS to really understand how my body could best thrive.

What is the most taboo topic when discussing women anatomy?
Discharge. No one talks about it.

Do you use intimate care products? 
I use an intimate wash. When I realized I was sensitive to fragrance, it was a life saver. Changing to perfume-free detergent also made a huge difference

Any fun stories that happened to you and your vulva, you'd like to share?
Not me, but my friend once had her gynaecologist smell her peach to make sure it was "normal". Lol.

How do you believe the Vulva balm will help your vulva? 
Keep me fresh, and if it has a nice natural scent, all the better to keep me pampered. I look for all natural ingredients and soothing, so sounds like the balm is perfect fit ;)

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