400 people helped create PEACH ME vulva balm!

We've finally gotten around to doing this: A questionnaire!
Thanks to it, we got 400 of your inputs, your feedback and your feel for the PEACH ME Vulva Balm!

YOU helped design our Vulva Balm! 

Why help us design the balm ?

So many brands design their own formulas based on their founder's & team's experience. And they do amazing work!

But, we want to do this differently. 
We're not targeting just any body part. We're designing a balm for our most delicate area : The Vulva!
That in itself screams for a different approach! We want to make sure we do right by us, by You! 

Peachyness is a women founded brand, created for vulvas! 
We want to make sure that what we're developing resonates with your discomforts and needs, as much as it does ours. 

In a nut shell ?  ⁠

  • We want to make sure that this balm empowers you. ⁠
  • That it answers YOUR needs. ⁠
  • That it is MADE for you!⁠
  • We can only achieve that if we ask what YOU want!⁠ 



Taking care of your vulva should become part of your daily routine !

We’re all for giving as much love to our Peach as we do our hair, skin, and nails. So much happens "down there". We're just beginning to unveil its beauty and intricacies.That's why we're creating an organic and clean vulva balm to moisturize, soften and smooth your enigmatic 🍑.⁠



How does the questionnaire work ?

It's pretty straightforward. For a limited time, we'll have the questionnaire literally EVERYWHERE around the website. 

⁠Once you've clicked a link, we'll start by asking for your intimate care habits, your needs and feedback on what we've come up with so far. 

Throughout our manufacturing process, we'll keep asking questions to get a "close to perfect" balm.

Want to get started now ? Fine by us ! :)



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