Difference between the VULVA and the VAGINA?

Hello Peaches!

We hope you're comfortably seated, because today we are talking about the V-word!

You know what we're referring to! No, no, no, we're not talking about the Vajayjay. Think external organs! Yes! Now you've got it! 
Maybe it's not a word you're familiar reading or mentioning ? 
Well maybe it's time you take it for a spin and say it out loud a few times ! 
Take a few seconds. Are you ready to own it ?


Great start! What about saying it way louder 
this time, like screaming it? Take a full lump of air and...

Don't you feel liberated? Empowered, even? 
Okay, now that you've got this, let's carry on.   

A little background on the Vulva

The vulva is the visible part of the female genitalia :
  • The mons pubis and the lips 
  • The less visible features : the clitoris and the vestibule
Situated at the front of the vulva, we have the mons pubis also known as Mound of Venus - Because we're worth it ! Covered in pubic hair (your peach, your choice), it is composed of fat tissues over the pubic bone. At the prolongation of the mons pubis, you will  find  the larger lips (labia majora). 

The two larger lips cover what is called the smaller lips which are the skin folds of the mucous membrane and are highly pigmented (peachy !).

But talking about “larger” and “smaller” lips is a misuse of language. The labia majora ("larger lips") are not always larger than the labia minora ("smaller lips") nor are they symmetrical. There is no standard on how the labia should look. Trust me, we know ! 
There is no “normal” vs “abnormal” vulva ! Everybody is different, no two of us are alike (not even identical twins!).

Ready for more ?

At the front of the vulva, the smaller lips encircle the
clitoris to form what is called the clitoral hood. The clitoris is an erectile organ that plays an important role in sexual excitement, with 8 000 nerve endings - we've definitely felt them! HA! The visible part of the clitoris on the vulva, is the clitoris glans.
Between the smaller lips, you will find the vestibule along with the urethra and the vaginal opening.

As they say a picture is worth a thousand words, here's what it could look like “down below”:

We hope this first introduction to the vulva helped you put words to your genitalia and OWN IT ! Please remember, it is not taboo!
Want more ? This amazing video from Planned Parenthood, perfectly captures the differences between the Vulva and the Vagina ! 

Wanting to know more about yourself is absolutely normal, and that should include your vagina and vulva !
Don't hesitate to leave us a comment. If you have any questions, we are here for you !!

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