Ready to be Cliterate?

Hello Peaches,

We wanted to take the time & sit down with you (that is, if you are sitting down), as we realised are not as familiar with their "down-there" body parts and we'd like to help change that! 

Why, because our V is such an incredible body part full of wonderful surprises and pleasures! 

Do you know your clitoris well ?  

We all know how to draw a penis. How it works. We are even taught how to give it pleasure.
What about us? 

The Clit' or Clito (in French), is one, if not THE, most wonderful of our body parts. Why, you ask ?

⁠The clitoris' only purpose, is to GIVE YOU PLEASURE! It has 8000 nerve endings, which is twice as many as the penis. 
Good thing it's still national masturbation month (may) to use as an excuse to get acquainted with our "clit". ⁠

But what's most fascinating to us, is that what you see, is NOT what you get.


The clit' is a wishbone. 

Most of us are used to just seeing the top part, the "button", located between our labia. But it's way more than that.

Only 1/4 of the clitoris is outside the body! The full extent of the clitoris was not popularised until 1998 by Helen O'Connell, Australia's first female Urologist. She published a Medical paper which stated that modern medical science was mistaken about the clitoris: the small button – or glans – that you can see is just the tip of the iceberg...⁠


This life-size 3D model, is a perfect and anatomically correct representation of the clitoris. ⁠

As beautifully put by @jejoue_,

Under the pubic bone, the organ looks like a wishbone with a body upto 4cm (1.5"), Coming out of the body are legs or Crura, upto 9cm (3.5") long, as well as aubergine-shaped bulbs up to 7cm (2.7") long.

We get erections ! 

Want to know something else? We get erections. ⁠
Our clitoris, when aroused, gets gorged with blood. it is made of spongy tissue which becomes erect, just like a penis, when aroused.
The only difference is, it isn't as noticeable. 


Unfortunately, to this day, too many humans with #vulvas are still unaware of the clitoris' magical power and anatomy.⁠

We wanted to make sure you were aware of all it's blessings !

Now that you know, ready to explore it ?
We know we are!⁠ 


Want to learn all about the fab' clitoris and don't feel like reading ? You can definitley just watch this amazing short movie "The Clitoris", by Lori Malépart-Traversy

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Martin Bischoff

Love the accent! Great video. Bravo, Marine! I hope you are doing great. Bon courage, bonne continuation.

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