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PEACH ME vulva balm questions

How to apply?

Where is it made?

Is this FDA approved?

Can men use PEACH ME?

Will it ruin my underwear?

Is PEACH ME PH-balanced?

Can I use it during my period?

Do you do testing on animals?

Should PEACH ME be refrigerated?

Can I use it after shaving or waxing?

How long does one application last?

Is there any soy or estrogen in PEACH ME?

Does PEACH ME take care of vagina odors?

Does Peach Me work for pregnant women?

Is Peach Me compatible with latex / condoms?

Will this work for artificial (transgender) vulvas?

I have vaginismus. Can I use PEACH ME vulva balm?

Expiration date? / How long does PEACH ME last after opening?

Why does the color of the PEACH ME VULVA BALM differ sometimes?